Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This is the beginning.

7 years ago, when I decided to take a chance and drive my 22 year old self down to Detroit and meet a girl I knew very little about (aside from her liking the sound of my voice), I imagined it would amount to very little, if anything at all. I had stopped and started projects with musicians a thousand times and figured at most, I might make a new friend.

I left Elida's apartment that night with not only a new friend, but just a little bit of hope and a lot of ideas.

And here we are... almost a decade later. Living our dream of recording, producing and releasing our first full-length album.

The years have surely brought their snags: Losing a family member suddenly, followed shortly by parting ways with a band member, followed by fall-outs and mistreatment/robbery from venues, endless sound issues, rejection, parting ways with a 2nd band member; the blows sort of felt never ending. But where there was a difficult time, there was always a glimmer of hope sandwiched between the struggles. An encouraging comment or message from a fan, a sound engineer liking our sound and offering to record us for free (more than once!), a PA system bought and paid for by a friend just wanting to help out, big shows, great shows, friends/musicians wanting to be apart of our sound during the "in-between" stages, fans singing along to our music and constant encouragement from people who have always believed in us.

That's you! You made us push ahead when times were tough. You softened the blows. You made this album happen and you will continue to be the most important people in the life of Jane of Arc. I know we say it a lot, but none of what we are doing would ever have been possible without you. Ever. So as I sit at this laptop and write this blog on the morning of our album release, the day Elida and I have been waiting 7 years for, we both want to make real sure that everyone reading knows their part in this success for JOA.

But it's not over! We still need you! We need you to support the music by sharing it! If you like who we are and what we do, please tell your friends about us! We promote ourselves in a very grassroots sort of way and this is the next most important way you can help (aside from having helped us fund the album itself). We will be posting a link to share today that we hope you'll repost to help us get the word out.

Our album, which is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and every other digital music distribution company under the sun, is our gift to you. "Freedom in Falling" is about our journey. Our struggle. The beauty and the tragedy of love and loss. We hope you listen to it and for at least a moment, feel connected to the message. And we hope that through the music, you feel closer to us as a band. Mostly, we just hope you like it - because this is only the beginning...

So cheers! Yeah, yeah… we know it’s Tuesday morning – but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU! 


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