Friday, January 10, 2014

Help! No $ Necessary...

Have we mentioned yet how needy we are? Welcome to our neediness.

Trust me, the last thing we want is to burden any of you any further, but this is serious. Like, heads-exploding, career altering, make-or-break serious.

It’s also kind of embarrassing for us to discuss, which is why we’ve waited so long to talk about it.

Here’s the deal:

Two of our current singles “Run Flying” and “Stand” are on iTunes right now. We don’t talk about it or promote them off iTunes because our current bio for Jane of Arc is… well… wrong. Completely wrong. Like, not ours, wrong. We’re not entirely sure how this happened, but when we submitted our bio along with our tracks (several eons ago with our first EP), someone decided that not only were they not going to use our bio, they were going to flat-out put some other band’s bio in place of ours instead. Which is awesome. And we have literally been trying to correct this problem for years.  YEARS.

We’re not sure who to blame, as there are no contacts through iTunes to connect to about the problem. We have attempted to fix the problem going through multiple other music media sites that work through and directly with iTunes with no avail. We have sent hundreds of emails, made countless phone calls and gone as far as we can possibly go to take the steps necessary to correct this epic problem. There is nothing else for us to do. There is no person we can contact directly about the issue… so we keep doing the same things over and over. Elida and I send emails every day to the corrections department of a media site called “All Music” which is directly linked to TuneCore and iTunes. Every. Single. Day. And I’m not kidding. I wouldn't dare kid. This is the absolute truth, folks. We even tried taking down all of our music from iTunes and re-submitting it with an updated bio in hopes that the old/incorrect one would be replaced. No such luck. We are at our wits end.

The Jane of Arc’s bio is currently for a band called “Joan of Arc”, an indie band based out of Chicago (close, but no cigar iTunes). Again, we’re not sure how this happened or why – but we can’t fix it.

How can you help us?

Honestly, we’re not sure you can. This might never get fixed, which is embarrassing, unfortunate and makes us look really unprofessional. Bottom line, it could really devastate any chance we have at a career.  It also makes us look like we plagiarized Joan of Arc’s bio and are passing ourselves off as them, which is simultaneously horrifying and ridiculous.

We have 2 ideas that might move this process along and at least get us noticed:

1)    The first involves you heading to iTunes and rating both of JOA’s current released singles on iTunes ( and giving us some good feedback so that someone, somewhere might see that we exist. If you hate the songs, maybe veto this step. But my guess is that if you’re taking the time to read this, you’ve probably already heard them and hopefully have some nice things to say. Take to iTunes and rate our music! We’re hoping this will put us on someone’s radar.

2)    This step is a little bit more involved, but if you’ve got a second, this honestly might be what saves us. Head to this link:

                    All Music: Corrections

...and in the “biographical information” copy and paste this:

“Please help correct an error that has been made on iTunes. This band, Joan of Arc has a bio that is incorrectly placed on iTunes for a band with a similar name “Jane of Arc”. This means that both bands have the same biography. Jane of Arc is an indie-acoustic-pop trio from Ferndale, MI and has had their bio misplaced for several years. This error makes them look unprofessional and negligent. To fix this issue, please find Jane of Arc’s bio here:  and replace it as soon as humanly possible. Or contact them at if you have any further questions. This mistake is very serious and their fans are hopeful this task can be completed soon.”

The only other thing you need to include is your full name and your email address under “Your Name” and “Email Address”. Under “Source of Corrections” please copy and paste this link:

...which will take them to OUR current bio so they can fix it.

They will NOT contact you. Again, we’ve been doing this for a while now and have not heard so much as a friggin’ peep. If anything, they will get tired of receiving the emails and just fix the problem.  That’s what we’re hoping at least. To be heard. And without your help, it’s just a couple of the same gals sending the same email over and over. They need to see that it matters. That people care. And the only way to get that point across is for you to show them.

Like always, we appreciate your concern and your support. Let us know if you’ve helped out! We always love to know whose got our back. At this point, this is one of the most important logistical errors in our wheelhouse and we need to make it right. And with you, we think we can.

We love you.

On our knees again,

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  1. i hope this error is corrected soon!! i'm so glad you are asking for support to help get it fixed. best of luck!